Tuesday, March 26, 2013

National Geographic Favorites

I grew up reading National Geographic magazines and watching their television specials.  One of my favorite memories was of Jane Goodall and her study of chimpanzees.  I loved animals, and still do, and wanted to work in the field studying them.  Jane Goodall was my heroine and I dreamed of being like her one day.  My dream didn’t quite come true but I did get to meet her and see her speak several times.  She is not only an advocate for animals these days, but is also Messenger of Peace for the United Nations.

I was thrilled to see with the National Geographic database that you can access all articles from the very beginning in 1888, including the maps.  There are six articles on Jane, so it appears I must have missed one or two.  The older articles dating back to 1880’s and the early 1900’s are so interesting.  Some of the early discoveries of Ancient Egypt are also among my favorites.  It is amazing to see how far we have come from the early days of exploration and science.  I used these articles for many school projects.

 Joan Dudzinski
Information Specialist