Monday, March 4, 2013

Staff Picks

I just finished reading Jen Lancaster’s latest book, Here I Go Again.  She makes me laugh out loud!  In this book, the main character, Lissy, is afforded the opportunity to go back in time to change her present.  Lissy was a “mean girl” in high school and finds herself at her 20th high school reunion, jobless and divorced.   At the reunion, she discovers just how hated she was/is.  Very successful classmates delight in telling her just how awful she was and how their hate for her fueled their own desires to succeed.   Lissy  takes an unexpected opportunity to go back in time to change how she acted in high school.   She wants to be nicer, so that they’ll like her in the present and be willing to offer her a job, maybe?    Once back in the present, however, she discovers that how she changed herself in the past also changes the destiny of her classmates and most definitely not for the better.  Once more, Lissy heads back in time and tries to right the wrongs.  In both instances, she finds herself in funny situations (because she knows too much!).  Back in her present, Lissy and her mom are faced with her father’s death.  Can Lissy go back one more time and change the past once again?  Can she alter not only her dad’s destiny, but ultimately her own and will it be for the better??

If you like Sophie Kinsella, you’ll enjoy the writing style of Jen Lancaster.

Kim Cavalenes
Selection Assistant