Thursday, June 6, 2013

Staff Picks

If you enjoy books with great characters I have two to suggest. 

A preteen and thirty-something become unlikely friends in Nick Hornby’s About a Boy.  Who's the adult in this scenerio?  It’s hard to tell. 

Childless Will joins a single parent’s group to meet women but discovers a different kind of companion when a clever twelve-year-old deduces the ruse.   Fascinating characters and just the right touch of humor make this tale about the effects of divorce, bullying and other heavy issues a great read. 

In  Roopa Farooki’s The Way Things Look to Me, three siblings attempt to rebuild their lives and their relationships five years after their mother’s death.  A television segment on the youngest sister’s Asperger’s disorder upsets the melancholy status quo and brings out the best and worst in the family.  Asif, Lila and Yasmin Murphy are characters you're sure to remember for years to come.

Alicia Cavitt
Information Specialist