Friday, August 16, 2013

Staff Picks

Beginning Chapter Books for Early Readers –
These books feature large, easy to read print with controlled vocabulary.  Humor and mystery, as well as pictures featuring main characters of the reader’s age group, make these books enjoyable to read.  The below featured books are each part of a series, so children who enjoy them will have an ample supply of future choices.

The Yellow Yacht by Ron Roy
This book is part of the A to Z Mysteries featuring Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose.  The kids travel to the fictitious country of Costra where their friend Sammi is a prince.  When the local bank is robbed and gold bars belonging to Sammi’s father are stolen, the kids use their ingenuity to solve the mystery.

Mrs. Roopy is Loopy by Dan Gutman
The reluctant learner A.J. doesn’t like school, but he has to admit that the new school librarian, Mrs. Roopy, is providing a wealth of entertainment.  While her methods may be bizarre, she incorporates learning into her escapades which make this fun book educational.  Part of the My Weird School series.

Buddy by Ellen Miles
Buddy is an all-around feel good story.  The Peterson family fosters dogs from the animal shelter until the dogs are placed in their forever homes.  Their current dog comes with extra baggage:  three precious puppies!  Lizzie has a plan to find homes for all four dogs, and with the help of the new bookstore owner, a happy ending is achieved for all.  Part of The Puppy Place series.

Julie Boyd
Information Specialist – Youth Services