Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Staff Pick - Adult

Dead Wake by Erik Larson

Bestselling nonfiction writer Erik Larson examines the 100th anniversary of the tragedy of the sinking of the Cunard passenger liner Lusitania from several angles. The reader receives a concise timeline of events leading up to World War I and details of several important aspects of the land fight in Europe but it is the battles on and under the seas that will mesmerize the reader. Larson takes us down into the ocean to experience the power and limitations of the German submarine U-boats and the ruthlessness of their commanders.  Personal details of the lives of the Lusitania passengers bring them alive to us and the harrowing tales of the survivors haunt us. We watch as US President Woodrow Wilson struggles to keep America out of the war as he deals with personal loss and love. Readers who love history with illuminating personal details will become immersed in this account of one of the greatest disasters to ever take place on the sea.

Holly Raus
Information Specialist-Youth Services