Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Author and Animal Communicator Coming to Sharon Forks Library

Local animal lover Tim Link is a nationally syndicated radio host, an author of two books, and a consultant, among other accolades. But most people are intrigued by his ability to communicate with animals, a talent he’ll share with patrons at a book signing and author talk at the Sharon Forks Library on Wednesday, June 17 at 6:00 p.m.

Link says his ability to communicate with any species of animal came as a surprise when he accompanied his wife to a pet workshop in 2004. “I communicate with animals through an intuitive connection with them. I am able to connect with them, ask them the questions that their human companions want to know and then communicate this information back to the human companions. The animals are also able to share with me anything that may be on their mind and I relay that information to the human companion as well.”

Even if pet owners don’t have this special gift, they can still become more effective in communicating with their pets, says Link. “As with any member of the family, building better relationships with your pet is based on mutual respect and an understanding of what is expected from the pet and the other family members (human or animal).”

Link’s second book, Talking with Dogs and Cats: Joining the Conversation to Improve Behaviors and Bond with Your Animals, will be published by New World Library on June 2 and is dedicated to helping pet owners decode what their pet’s meow, bark, tweet, or stare actually means.

Victoria Stillwell, trainer, author, and host of the Animal Planet television show It’s Me or the Dog, wrote the foreword for the book. Other notable animal experts have praised Talking with Dogs and Cats as well.

“You’ll discover ways to solve common pet problems and make interacting with animals more meaningful,” says Marty Becker, DVM, a member of the Board of Directors of the American Humane Association, as well as its Chief Veterinary Correspondent.

Link will begin his appearance at the Sharon Forks Library with a brief talk on his methods. Following a short question-and-answer session, Link will sign books for patrons. Link will have copies of Talking with Dogs and Cats available for purchase at the signing.

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