Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Check out Morningstar Investment Research Center

Did you know that the library offers patrons access to the Morningstar Investment Research Center?

This premium database provides data on over 14,500 stocks, 24,800 mutual funds, 1,500 exchange traded funds, and 700 closed end funds.  Also provided are analyst reports on over 3,500 securities.

Components of the database include:

  • Screeners – sort through thousands of stocks and funds by using your own criteria to create short lists of stocks, funds, and ETFs for further research
  • Stock and Fund Favorites – lists of Morningstar’s top selections for companies and mutual funds
  • Stocks, Funds, and ETF Reports – Morningstar’s proprietary analysis on thousands of stocks, funds, and ETFs
  • Markets – highlights index, sector, industry, and fund category returns and includes downloadable market outlook reports written by Morningstar’s team of analysts
  • Portfolio – provides access to a comprehensive suite of portfolio-planning tools and guidance, such as Portfolio X-Ray which interprets your asset allocation and compares your holdings to industry standards
  • Articles & Videos – articles and videos on investing and daily market commentary, written and recorded by Morningstar’s analysts and editors, as well as outside market leaders
  • Help & Education – information about navigating the database, smart investing, and staying ahead of the market
  • Newsletters – an archive of Morningstar Mutual Funds, Morningstar FundInvestor, Morningstar StockInvestor, and Morningstar ETFInvestor
  • Ticker Lookup – allows you to enter a ticker or name and go directly to Morningstar’s detailed quote page

Morningstar Investment Research Center is suitable for individual investors interesting in researching on their own, business users following industries and markets, and students learning about the markets and investment.