Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Library Limelight: David Thomas, Cataloging Assistant, Library Headquarters

Library Limelight is intended to be a quick read to help FCPL patrons get to know our librarians and staff.  We hope you enjoy learning about the people who make our libraries great!

David Thomas
Cataloging Assistant
Materials Department, Headquarters

Where is your hometown?
Miami, Florida
How long have you been at FCPL?
Eight years
What other jobs have you had at FCPL?
I started as a CSA, then become a materials processor.
Why did you choose to work in a library?
I was looking for a part-time job when I was in college. I couldn’t leave, and now I’m working full-time in the Materials department.
Describe your job in five words or less.
Bibliographic item records. Spine labels.
What is unique about your job?
With OCLC’s Connexion service, we download and add bibliographic records to the library's catalog. Since people from all over the world can use it, we are working with people around the world to get everything cataloged.
What is your favorite part of your job?
Before working at the library, I never read much. I would only read for book reports. Thanks to my job, I now enjoy reading.
What’s the most interesting place you’ve lived or traveled?
I lived in Miami during Hurricane Andrew. As a kid at the time, I thought the big military transport helicopters were really cool. If I had been an adult at the time, I probably would have thought differently about the whole situation. I haven't really traveled as much as I wish.
What are your hobbies?
Playing and collecting all kinds of board games and trading card games. I also collect vinyl records and I'm trying to learn to play the guitar.
What are you reading right now?
The Complete Fiction of H. P. Lovecraft
Paper books or eBooks?
Is there anything else you’d like to share?
“Books are sharks... because sharks have been around for a very long time. There were sharks before there were dinosaurs, and the reason sharks are still in the ocean is that nothing is better at being a shark than a shark.” - Douglas Adams