Friday, January 27, 2017

#ShelfLife - January 27, 2017

Happy Friday, fellow readers! Today is extra special because it's #ChocolateCakeDay and we've been watching Instagram users post pictures of mouthwateringly decadent desserts. If you've got a sweet tooth, celebrate this special day with us by checking out a cookbook, making a cake, and enjoying it with a tall glass of cold milk.

Don't have a great book to enjoy with your cake? We do! Stop by the library for a weekend reading recommendation.

But, we'll understand if you're busy standing guard over your chocolate cake at home. If that's the case, keep one hand on your fork and use the other hand to check out an eBook, eAudiobook, or a digital magazine from our eLibrary.

While your materials are downloading, take a look at these books now on the shelves at FCPL: