Thursday, July 27, 2017

Staff Picks - The Red Hunter by Lisa Unger (Adult Fiction)

I LOVE Lisa Unger's thriller/suspense novels! I wasn't sure she could top In the Blood, but she just seems to keep getting impossibly better. I can always count on Unger to entertain in a heart-pounding way, and The Red Hunter was no exception. I was so hooked after the first five pages, I found myself losing track of time...and losing sleep...again. She is a master at drawing very flawed, very real characters the reader can connect with. Two wronged women and one menacing house with a powerful, dark past set the stage for a heart-pounding race to the end where their paths collide in a choke hold. Zoey is one of those protagonists you love to sink your teeth into. She's strange and damaged, but you gradually discover why and wonder why she's not gone off the deep end altogether (comparisons to Stieg Larsson's widely popular protagonist Lisabeth Salander in the Millennium series comes to mind). Zoey's unspeakably tragic past snakes closer to, and eventually slams head-on into, Claudia's own life of quiet desperation. Unger takes the reader on a hold-your-breath ride to the very end. Buckle your seat beat!

Beth Moore
Information Specialist