Thursday, August 3, 2017

Book Buzz and Book Buzz Twilight

Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman presents Norse mythology in an entertaining and easy read. Gaiman begins with introductions to a few of the main players in Norse mythology: Odin, father of mankind; Thor, his son and protector of Asgard, home of the gods; and Loki, the trickster everyone loves to hate.

The Norse creation myths come next, with many unpronounceable names. Gaiman has given his readers a hand, however, placing a glossary in the back so his readers can remember who's who. The rest of the book consists of Gaiman's masterful retelling of common Norse myths while truly delving into the personality of the gods. It's easy to sympathize and commiserate with Loki's victims while wanting to wring his neck. Fans of mythology and anyone who wants to learn more about Norse mythology will enjoy Norse Mythology.

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Jennifer Forbes
Information Services Supervisor