Wednesday, January 6, 2021

January 2021 Reading Challenge: The Trumpet of the Swan

Almost 50 years ago my grandparents gave me a set of E. B. White’s three classic books for children.  I loved Stuart Little and Charlotte’s Web, but my favorite was The Trumpet of the Swan, the story of Louis, a trumpeter swan. Born without the ability to make sound on his own, which hampers his ability to communicate with other swans, he learns how to play a trumpet and how to read and write.

I haven’t read another book with such a deep affection for nature, for music, and for language. It describes the natural beauty of a pond in Canada, it celebrates musicians and composers such as Beethoven, Gershwin, and Louis Armstrong, and it encourages readers to look up wonderful new words, such as “crepuscular.”

My grandfather wrote the following inscription: “This book, written by a master wordsmith, will bring you much joy—share it—for that is what joy is for.”  Rereading The Trumpet of the Swan as part of the FCPL Reading Challenge brought me much joy, again, and I hope that rereading a childhood favorite also brings each of you joy.

Stephen Kight
Deputy Director


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January's Reading Challenge is to reread a childhood favorite. If you're having trouble choosing a favorite book from your childhood, you could read a children's book published within the last five years instead.

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Alicia said...

I'm looking forward to reading it. Thanks, Steve.

Jeanne said...

Steve, I too loved E.B. White's books as a child (and I still do!), and I adored "The Trumpet of the Swan". Your moving blog makes me want to read it again! Thanks!

Leslie said...

Your grandfather's inscription is lovely, Steve. What a beautiful gift, and what a wonderful way to honor him by sharing this book with our library community. Adding it to my list. Thanks!