Friday, February 17, 2012

Learn a Language @ FCPL

There are lots of reasons for learning a language.  If you are travelling to another country, the local language can help you to communicate.  If your work involves contact with speakers of other languages, that will help you communicate and interact with them better.  It may also help you to make sales and to negotiate contracts.  In addition, knowledge of foreign languages increases your chance of finding a new job or getting a promotion.  If you have a spouse, in-laws, relatives or friends that speak another language, not only will you be able to communicate with them better but also gain understanding of their culture and way of thinking.  Another reason for learning a language is to get in touch with your roots.  You might want to learn it to teach it to your children.  Or you might just have a linguistic interest in another language.
Whatever the reason, learning a new language takes time, dedication and a good language learning tool. The Mango Languages database is an excellent resource for learning a language.  This web-based system for learning dozens of languages can be accessed from our eReference page on our website.  Mango can make learning a new language easy and fun.  Create an account and Mango will also track your progress.  You can explore Chinese, French, German and Spanish by viewing the Language Primer digital video series that can be accessed through our eVideos page on our website.