Monday, April 23, 2012

My Childhood Memory of the Library (5th in a series)

I have always loved reading and I used to walk to the library every week when I was a young teen, since my dad worked and my mom didn’t drive.  The library was about three or four miles away and I used to take out a stack of books every week.  My favorite books were the Nancy Drew mysteries and a mystery series called The Happy Hollisters.

I also used the library for homework and remember spending my Saturdays there making notes of the information I needed for a report or project for school.

That's my childhood memory of the library...what's yours?


  1. Crickets! Thanks for remembering the Happy Hollisters by Jerry West! This series was written by my grandfather, Andrew Svenson, using the pseudonym Jerry West. There were 33 books in the series, and they've been out of print for more than 40 years. We've just started to reissue them in paperback and eBook formats -- you can read more about the project at Thanks for being a friend of the Happy Hollisters!
    Andy Svenson

    1. Wow, how interesting! I have almost the whole set that I bought off Amazon several years ago. I think I am only missing a couple of BOOKS. I will definitely check out the project you mentioned!