Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Childhood Memory of the Library (18th in a series)

I was born in the library…..well, almost.  The hospital where I was born was converted to the county library building a few years after I came into the world (as you can probably guess, I came from a very small town).  As a child, my family always correlated my love of reading with the location of my birth.  And my art work was prominently displayed in the library (but perhaps I should mention that I was only in the first grade, and somehow a promising art career never came to fruition).  It was a summer ritual that I was dropped off at the library when my mother went grocery shopping.  I would always exit with a foot-high stack of books and have all of them read by the next weekly grocery shopping trip.  So libraries and I go back to the very beginning of my life, with very happy memories!

That’s my childhood memory of the library…what’s yours?