Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Childhood Memory of the Library (20th in a series)

I loved my local library as a child.  It was a town library, not a county-run library like here in Forsyth County.  (At one time, my dad even tried to run for a seat on the library board!)  I spent many hours, mainly on the fiction side, reading to my heart’s content.  My mom had a limit on how many books could go home with us—how could I choose?  If my younger sisters were behaving, I could attend story time and listen to someone else’s vocal interpretation of that week's story.  I remember discovering the magazine section, with its couches and comfy chairs, and finding out about a lot of kids' magazines that I didn’t even know existed.  When I got a little older, and could be trusted to meet with friends to work on a project---what a sense of “growing up” that was!  I remember sitting on the non-fiction side and working with my group, and getting “shushed” by the librarians because we were talking too loud!  I also remember being scared about that, because my friend’s mom was a librarian and she would tell my mom!  My love of reading started at a young age, and remembering my old public library still brings a smile to my face.

That's my memory of the library...what's yours?