Sunday, October 28, 2012

Georgia Peach Awards

The Georgia Peach Book for Teen Readers invites high-school teens to read and vote on their favorite books from a list of 20 top-notch nominees.  Voting is live online now at

The current list of nominees includes Jump, by Elisa Carbone, a fast-paced story told in two voices.  If you like extreme sports and whirlwind maybe-romance, laced with a sense of impending danger, try Jump—but make sure your climbing gear is secure!

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

Rock-climbing is something P. K. and Critter have in common.  To them, climbing is pleasure: pleasure in movement; pleasure in balance; pleasure in defying gravity.

The other thing they have in common?  They’re running away.  P. K. is running from her parents and their plan to send her to boarding school.  Critter’s escaping from a psychiatric ward.

They take turns telling the story of how they escaped, found each other, hitched west, and conquered Red Rocks, dodging bone-crushing falls on stony ascents.  But when the cops come after Critter, P. K. has to decide: Should she believe this amazing guy she’s trusted with her life, or believe the cops—who think he’s out to take her life?

Find out.  Read Jump.

Vanessa Cowie
Youth Services Coordinator