Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Best Reads of 2012 (7th in a series)

Pete the Cat Saves Christmas (Easy) by Eric Litwin 

This picture book is totally groovy.  Santa calls Pete the Cat to save Christmas.  Is he worried?  Goodness, no!  Pete gives it his all because at Christmas, we give.  James Dean Illustrates this adorable spin on the traditional tale The Night Before Christmas starring one of my favorite storybook characters.  Pete the Cat Saves Christmas is a great picture book to share with all of your groovy children.

Sand Dollar Summer (Juvenile) by Kimberly Jones 

After her mother is suddenly injured in a car accident, twelve-year-old Lise and her five-year-old “selectively mute” brother, Free, are forced to move to an island off the coast of Maine so that her mother can recover.  Afraid of the water and with nothing to do on the remote island, Lise befriends a local Passamaquoddy Indian, Ben.  When a hurricane hits and threatens the life of Ben, Lise must overcome her fears and deal with the ocean and understand that there are things in life that she cannot control.  Sand Dollar Summer is a great coming of age story and a quick read for older elementary school grades and young teens.

Seizure (Teen) by Kathy Reichs
Teen fiction has become so popular, many authors of adult fiction are now writing for teens, too!  I love Kathy Reichs’ series of forensic mysteries featuring Dr. Temperence Brennen, and this book is the second in her Virals series about Tory Brennen, Tempe’s great niece.

Tory Brennan and her friends contracted a rare strain of canine parvovirus from a rescued wolf puppy named Cooper.  The virus gives Tory and her friends, the “Virals,” special “wolf-like” powers.  They must use every advantage they have to try and save the Loggerhead Island Research Institute, where their parents work.  The institute is losing funding, which means their parents will soon be out of work and Tory and her “pack” will no longer be together.  Set in Charleston, South Carolina, Reichs weaves a mystery involving local history, buried pirate treasure, famous female pirate Anne Bonny, science fiction, mystery, and epic adventure.  Seizure is a great adventure for older teens and adults.

Andrea DelValle
Youth Services Information Specialist