Thursday, February 28, 2013

Georgia Peach Awards

Do you love teen literature?

The annual Georgia Peach Awards recognize the best in teen and young adult literature. The awards are unique because the winner is picked by teens who vote for their favorite title. Unfortunately, voting is only open to Georgia teens (not adult fans), but there are still a lot of great titles on this list for both teens and adults to enjoy. Here are my favorites from the 2012-2013 nominees:

The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson
Lennie has lost her older sister—the person she loved best, the person she admired, the person she wanted to be, the person in whose shadow she was always standing. In her grief, Lennie turns to her sister’s boyfriend, the only other person who seems to really understand what she’s going through. But when a new boy moves to town, Lennie finds herself torn between her past and her future. A beautiful novel intertwined with poetry and echoes of Wuthering Heights.

Stick by Andrew Smith
Stick has never fit in in at school because he is deformed and was born with only one ear. To make matters worse, Stick’s home life isn’t great—his parents are very strict and his father regularly beats Stick and his brother. However, things get even worse when Stick’s brother runs away from home to escape their father and find out who he really is.

Please Ignore Vera Dietz by A.S. King
Charlie and Vera have always been friends, but lately they’ve grown apart. Mostly it’s because Charlie has been hanging out with a new crowd, but also because Charlie died several months ago, and only Vera knows how and why. Now she’s being haunted by Charlie’s ghost and the secrets she won't admit to herself. A quirky and moving story of growing up and leaving the ghosts of your past behind.

Voting ends at midnight on Friday, March 15 for Georgia teens. Hurry and vote for your favorites before it's too late!

Cleo Slaughter
Program Manager