Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Library Collections

If you are reading this blog, you are surely capable of finding Don Edwards on YouTube and have absolutely no need to follow a hyperlink to a library catalog listing of a CD. 

But I wonder, dear blog reader, if you are old enough to remember the promise of the compact, optical disc? The data would last forever.  It could be copied over and over again without any degradation.  It would be read with an actual laser—just like the villains used to threaten James Bond’s vulnerable parts, only much, much, smaller.  The disc itself would be practically indestructible compared to vinyl or tape. Even if it were somehow scratched, the laser would just skip over the damage and interpolate.  They could be played until finally their great age caused them to delaminate, decades into the future.  It was an age of miracles and wonders!

Still, if you drive a lot, nothing beats a good music CD or an audiobook on CD to soothe and engage you while battling Atlanta traffic.  And if you want good music, I recommend Nanci Griffith’s album, “Other Voices, Other Rooms”.  All the tracks are winners—from “Across the Great Divide” to “Wimoweh”—but one of the best parts is where Don Edwards yodels the part of camp cookie in  "Night Rider's Lament".  Check it out.

Mary Kretsch
Information Specialist