Friday, June 21, 2013

Staff Picks

Follow the true life journey of thousands of yellow rubber ducks. (Actually, they are plastic not rubber despite them being referred to as being made of rubber for years and throughout childhood for many of us.)  This is the story of what happens when a container falls off a cargo ship at sea, but with a more interesting plot.  It all started when yellow ducks started showing up along the western coast of the United States and even in Alaska, and then turned up in Maine as well.  

You will learn of the ducks’ travels as they follow the ocean currents.  There are discussions of other issues such as the immense amount of trash that is floating in our oceans including the massive “Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch“ that sits somewhere out in the Pacific and is twice the size of the state of Texas.

“Like Bill Bryson on hard science, or John McPhee with attitude, journalist Hohn travels from beaches to factories to the northern seas in pursuit of a treasure that mystifies as much as it provokes.” (2010 Booklist Reviews)

Joan Dudzinski
Information Specialist