Monday, March 31, 2014

Staff Picks

If you love a good ghost story, you’ll really enjoy Jennifer McMahon’s latest novel, The Winter People! The author puts a unique spin on the age old question: "If you could, would you want someone you loved to return from the dead, even if only for a short time?"

The year is 1908 and Sara Harrison Shea lives in West Hall, Vermont. Her daughter, 8-year-old Gertie, has been found at the bottom of a deep and abandoned well on their farm property. Sara's gut-wrenching grief is all consuming. In the present day, Fawn and Ruthie live with their mother, Alice, in the same farmhouse where Sara grieved so long ago. One day, Alice goes missing, and as the girls search for clues, they stumble upon an old diary hidden in the floorboards, along with a strange cache of other mysterious items.  Will these items help them find Alice, or perhaps even shed some light on the past? This creepy and suspenseful page-turner will keep you up reading late into the night, but only if you keep the lights on!

Beth Moore
Information Specialist