Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Staff Pick

This title is misleading because it is a lot more than a story of a happy marriage. It is a collection of essays from Ann Patchett written between 1996 and 2012. She began her career as a writer of fiction and non-fiction short stories for magazines and newspapers.  At that point in her career she learned a lot about the writing process and shares her lessons throughout the essays. In addition, she talks about how she wrote her first novel while working as a waitress. Don’t try to convince Patchett there is such a thing as writer's block.  She will change your mind. But there is much more to this collection. You will learn a lot about the author from her stories about Divorce and Dogs. Have you ever considered taking a cross country trip in a Winnebago? Patchett did and has a lot to say on the subject. Do you know any police officers? Read her essay on trying out for the LAPD. You will learn what it takes to be an officer and be impressed with her perseverance.  Hearing about the author’s grandmother, teachers, failed marriage and puppy love makes me want to take a trip to Nashville to visit her bookstore. Yes, this author, dog and book lover co-owns an independent bookstore Parnassus in Nashville, Tennessee. Check out This is the Story of a Happy Marriage.

Colleen Serletti
Information Specialist