Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Staff Picks

Y, The Last Man by Brian Vaughan

When a mysterious plague kills every living thing with a Y-chromosome, it seems the fate of humanity and the world is doomed. Or so it would be, if it weren’t for Yorick, an amateur escape artist, and his pet monkey Ampersand, the only males to survive the plague. Now it is up to Yorick to discover why he was able to escape death and find a way to save the human race, all while trying to find his girlfriend, who had been studying abroad. In order to find answers, Yorick and his companions, a mysterious government agent and a brilliant geneticist, have to face opposition from the newly formed government run by angry extremists, a dangerous group of Amazon wannabes that includes his own sister, Israeli militia, and everyone else who would seek to destroy, trap, study, or use Yorick for their own purposes.

This graphic novel is a great series that gives an imaginative glimpse of what life would be like for “the last man on Earth.” It’s a very exciting read with memorable characters and a gripping storyline that will make it hard to put the book down!

Vikki Doerr
Information Specialist