Thursday, December 11, 2014

Staff Picks - Adult Fiction

In the Blood by Lisa Unger

Beautiful Lies by Lisa Unger

Darkness, My Old Friend by Lisa Unger

Unseen by Karin Slaughter 

The Kept by James Scott

I've been on a Lisa Unger kick. It started with In The Blood, which kept me reading with all the suspense and twists and mystery.

Karin Slaughter's Unseen was my first foray into audiobooks. It was really a treat to listen to a book while driving or cleaning or sitting at my kids' swim practice. Slaughter's rich characters, which have a long history with each other in several novels written prior to Unseen, and action packed murder/crime stories, set in Georgia, made me want to listen long after I'd arrived at my destination, or finished vacuuming and needed to shut the audio book off!

I'm currently reading The Kept as recommended by this blog. It is set in 1897, in wintry upstate NY. A midwife comes home to find her husband and 4 of her 5 children brutally murdered. She and her surviving son leave to find the people who committed this horrible crime.

Jill Wagner
Information Specialist