Monday, December 8, 2014

Staff Picks - Children

Whittington by Alan Armstrong

This delightful tale about a sophisticated tomcat begins when Whittington (the cat) seeks a new home on the farm belonging to the animal lover, Bernie, and his grandchildren, Ben and Abby.  After making a deal with, the duck, known as The Lady, – who is in charge of the barn – Whittington moves in and proceeds to entertain the animal residents by telling stories.  Thus the book becomes a story within a story, as Whittington shares the remarkable tale about his famous ancestor, after whom he is named, who lived in 18th century England.   Whittington is also instrumental in helping one of the farm’s human children, Ben, who is struggling learning to read. Newbery Honor book of 2006, this delightful tale is sure to please readers who love animals and a good story.

Julie Boyd
Youth Services Supervisor
Cumming Library