Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sharon Forks Library to Host Murder Mystery Game

Mystery lovers and fans of Jane Austen and Downton Abbey are invited to immerse themselves in “The Mysterious Affair at Stirling Hall,” a role-playing murder mystery game at the Sharon Forks Library on Sunday, January 18 at 2:00 p.m.

Customized just for the library and its patrons by Canadian game company Shot in the Dark Mysteries, “The Mysterious Affair at Stirling Hall” is the Victorian-era story of Lord and Lady Westby, their family, their servants, and the intrigue that comes when grand homes and titles change hands in old-day Britain.

Lord Westby has no son to inherit his estate, so it will be passed to Ambrose Haines, a very distant relative. Lady Westby resolves to keep the estate and titles in the family by marrying their eldest daughter, Lady Lila Westby, to Haines.

But when a woman is found dead in the estate, the family realizes their troubles are just beginning. Who is the mysterious woman? What was she doing at Stirling Hall? How was she killed? And, most importantly, who is her killer?

In a time when tradition and propriety rule society, this cast of characters – and the audience of sleuths and detectives – must work together to find the killer and preserve the family’s good name.

Library staff will play the suspects: Lady Adella Westby, Lord Westby’s wife and mistress of Stirling Hall; Lady Lila Westby, her daughter; Ambrose Haines, heir to Stirling Hall; Walter Eaton, butler of Stirling Hall; Eudora Crane, Lady Westby’s maid; and Ettie O’Delle, Lady Lila’s maid.

The audience of library patrons will become detectives and crime scene investigators. Participants will question the suspects, examine the clues, and solve the mystery to win the game!

This event is designed for adults and prizes will be awarded. Participation is free, but registration is requested.

For more information or to register, please visit