Tuesday, October 27, 2015

World Almanac for Kids Adds U.S Government and Writer's Modules

Kids and teens looking for help with their writing or with understanding U.S. government should check out the latest content updates to The World Almanac for Kids. It's a free resource from the Forsyth County Public Library and can be accessed by visiting www.forsythpl.org and clicking eLibrary > eResources > Encyclopedias and Reference.

New U.S. Government Module

Election year begins in only a few short months, but the presidential campaigns are already heating up. Use this module to understand the foundations of our government with overviews of all branches of the government and easy-to-understand bullet points. You'll also see colorful images and a glossary on all key areas, from the executive branch, legislative branch, judicial branch, and the Constitution to elections, political parties, civic responsibilities, and more.

Fun Facts articles include interesting and sometimes surprising information on topics such as the Supreme Court, ratifying Constitutional amendments, campaigning, and lots more.

New Writer's Corner Module

Writing well is a critical skill for all students, and the new Writer's Corner module covers all of the basics.

Concise entries—many with helpful images and diagrams—clearly explain the often-confusing rules of grammar, punctuation, and writing. From nouns, pronouns, parts of speech, and sentence structure, to exclamation points, dashes, and capitalization, to spelling, prefixes, and commonly confused words, the new Writer's Corner module provides a quick and convenient reference for students hoping to improve their writing skills.

Fun Facts articles offer interesting tidbits of information about the English language.

More research and homework help resources are available on the library's website. Just visit www.forsythpl.org and click eLibrary, then eResources. You can view resources by grade level by clicking on Students - Preschool, Students - Elementary School, Students - Middle School, or Students - High School.