Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Eldercare Attorney Gives Free Seminar for Veterans

Eldercare attorney Michelle Wilson, accredited by the Veterans Administration, will present a seminar on changes to the VA pension benefits program at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 7 at the Post Road Library, 5010 Post Road, Cumming.

Earlier this year, the Department of Veterans Affairs proposed a new rule that will amend its regulations for the VA Pension Benefit, commonly referred to as Aid and Attendance benefits. This seminar is designed to help veterans and their families understand the basics of the VA Improved Pension Benefit for Wartime Veterans and the impact the proposed changes will have on future applications for benefits.

“Everyone knows a military veteran, either in their own family or friends of their own family. Attendees can expect to leave with knowledge of the big VA policy changes that will affect the veterans and their families who are receiving or could receive Aid and Attendance benefits or compensation benefits,” says Wilson.

Wilson is experienced in handling the special needs of veterans and their families. She is accredited by the Veterans Administration to represent and assist veterans with qualification for the Pension Benefit Plus Aid and Attendance, as well as appeals from denials of applications for benefits connected to injuries during service.

In May, Wilson will return to the Post Road Library to talk with patrons about digital assets and how to dispose of them after death.

“More and more people have large collections of electronic assets and personal information saved in online accounts, says Wilson. “Think of Kindle books, photographs, video game items, and sites with your credit card information. What happens to those items after you pass away? Who has access? Can you give them to someone in your will?”

Protecting and disposing of those assets will be the focus of her next seminar entitled “Dealing with Digital Assets After Death” at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, May 9.

Both seminars are free, but advance registration is requested. Please visit to register. Share information on the VA benefits seminar and the digital assets seminar via Facebook.