Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Election Information from The World Almanac for Kids Online

Trying to explain the basics of the presidential election process to your kids?

Andrew Jackson
Look to The World Almanac® for Kids Online's Elections & Political Parties section for brief and clear explanations of the process, along with fun facts that make history interesting. Here's a sample of what you could learn:

  • Presidential campaigns were frowned upon in the ear of George Washington and the early presidential elections.
  • Andrew Jackson broke with that convention after losing his first presidential election in 1824. Political campaigns as we know them began to take shape in 1828.

Click the U.S Government module from The World Almanac® for Kids Online homepage, then go to the Elections and Political Parties section to find easy-to-understand bullet points on political parties and how they were started; on presidential campaigns and how they have evolved over the years; and on the presidential election and voting.

A glossary is also provided to help students become familiar with the key terms, including the difference between a caucus and a primary, the popular vote and the electoral vote, and the different branches of government.