Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Staff Picks

Welcome to Night Vale by Joseph Finder and Jeffrey Cranor

I’m always looking for good audiobook entertainment for my commute.  You may find the title familiar as Night Vale is also an ongoing podcast.  "Very strange" would be my first description of this audiobook.  It is read in a dry and witty way painting a picture of what appears to be current day setting in an average U.S. small town.  However, time and other things are actually quite bizarre in Night Vale.

Readers of fantasy and science fiction will appreciate this story which reminded me of multiple Twilight Zone episodes all strung together.  Our two protagonists are different in many ways: age, life experience, and personality to name a few. After a rocky start, together they attempt to figure out mysteries occurring in Night Vale, as well as the meaning of a man who has appeared (and disappeared) in both of their lives.

Why does the name King City keep showing up everywhere?  Why is it impossible to get to King City?  Tune in for an unusual tale with monsters, angels, a dangerous and creepy library, and all things odd.

Lola Nichols
Information Specialist