Monday, April 25, 2016

Staff Picks

Debuting in May 2016 (and finding its way onto our library shelves soon after), The Thank You Book will be the 25th and final book in Mo Willem’s highly acclaimed Elephant and Piggy series. These books are a favorite of both our patrons and library staff. The two main characters, Gerald and Piggy, share stories of friendship and fun and we are sad that their series is ending.

But, there is good news! If you love Gerald and Piggy like I do, there is another fun series you should definitely check out: Ballet Cat by Bob Shea. In this series, friendship and humor are the overriding themes as well, and the story is presented in a similar format as Elephant and Piggy. Each character has its own color coded speech bubble, much like a comic book would feature.

As if that is not enough, one of the titles is Dance, Dance, Underpants! How fun is that?

Andrea Delvalle
Information Specialist - Youth Services