Thursday, May 26, 2016

Staff Picks: THE 14th COLONY by Steve Berry

Though fiction, each of Steve Berry’s Cotton Malone books revolve around a historical event. The 14th Colony is no exception.

Steve Berry’s latest book has his protagonist Cotton Malone back on the job. The title gives us a clue as to one of the directions the book will take, but there is more to uncover as old Cold War issues heat up.

Is there really a set of briefcase sized nuclear weapons surviving from the Cold War and hidden in the U.S.? Could these weapons still be activated and used in a modern day retaliation by ex-KGB Agents bearing a grudge?

The timing couldn’t be worse for all of these events to be coming up as the inauguration of a new president is days away. Suddenly the issues of presidential succession are not as straight forward as we have always thought.

One of my favorite parts in reading a Steve Berry book is the author notes that follow the story. They tell us exactly which parts of the book are fact, which are fiction, and which are unknown but rumored to be true. Reading about Mr. Berry’s research and findings about unlikely events can be as disturbing and fascinating as the main story.

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Lola Nichols
Information Specialist
Sharon Forks Library