Friday, March 31, 2017

#ShelfLife - March 31, 2017

If the unfortunate demise of I-85 yesterday is putting a cramp in your commute, check out a few books from this week's #ShelfLife feed to read while you take MARTA.

We were pleasantly surprised to see the authors of Botanical Beauty and The Hope Chest stop by and leave a comment on our photos of their books this week. We also had a great time playing with pencils and crayons for #NationalPencilDay and #NationalCrayonDay this week, but we're not really looking forward to #SpringCleaning this weekend.

The weather is going to be lovely! What will you read while you're soaking up the sun this weekend? Leave a comment and let us know and your book could be featured on our #ShelfLife feed next week!

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Agent 110 is Allen Dulles, a newly minted spy who met with and facilitated the plots of Germans who were trying to destroy the country’s leadership. Their underground network exposed Dulles to the political maneuverings of the Soviets, who were already competing for domination of Germany, and all of Europe, in the post-war period. . AGENT 110: AN AMERICAN SPYMASTER AND THE GERMAN RESISTANCE IN WWII by Scott Miller explains how leaders of the German Underground wanted assurances from Germany’s enemies that they would treat the country humanely after the war. If President Roosevelt backed the resistance, they would overthrow Hitler and shorten the war. But Miller shows how Dulles’s negotiations fell short. Eventually he was placed in charge of the CIA in the 1950s, where he helped set the stage for US foreign policy. With his belief that the ends justified the means, Dulles had no qualms about consorting with Nazi leadership or working with resistance groups within other countries to topple governments. . Now Miller brings to life this exhilarating, and pivotal, period of world history—of desperate renegades in a dark and dangerous world where spies, idealists, and traitors match wits and blows to ensure their vision of a perfect future. . #ShelfLife #nonfiction #history #WWII #europe #espionage #librariesofinstagram #bookstagram
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