Friday, April 21, 2017

#ShelfLife - April 21, 2017

Earlier this week, we were expecting the biggest buzz on our Instagram #ShelfLife feed to focus on the fact that two (!!!) mystery and thriller authors stopped by to thank the library for sharing their books. But then...Harper Lee showed up at the Post Road Library.

Of course, not the real Harper Lee. A mockingbird. This gutsy little critter just flew right in like it owned the place and sat in residence all day! Our patrons and staff were fascinated with this new avian acquaintance until finally, late in the evening, Harper Lee decided to land on the floor near a back door and allow herself to be escorted back into the great outdoors.

Lest you think Post Road has all the excitement, don't forget to stop by the Hampton Park Library this Saturday for Earth Day festivities with the Forsyth County Master Gardeners or visit the Cumming Library to view the River of Words exhibit.

We're planning to read a few gardening books in honor of Earth Day. What will you read this weekend?

Leave a comment below, or tag @forsythpubliclibrary on Instagram, and we might feature your book in the #ShelfLife next week!

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