Monday, April 10, 2017

Today's Science Database Makes Science Accessible for Students

Spring Break is over and students grudgingly dragged themselves out of bed and back into the classroom this morning. It might take a little time for them to get excited about homework, but the library is standing ready with the perfect database to help middle and high school students with their science projects: Today's Science.

We talked with Alexis Belasco, Information Specialist at the Hampton Park Library, about what makes Today's Science so valuable to students:

What is Today's Science?
"Today’s Science is an online resource that aims to make peer-reviewed articles and major science news and discoveries accessible, relevant, relatable, and interesting to students."
How does Today's Science make complex and technical topics more accessible for students?
"The articles are written in a way that is understandable for the not-so-science-oriented people out there. The articles include diagrams, keywords, related content, videos, discussion questions, and links to other articles and journals. One of my favorite features is the definitions. Throughout the articles there are highlighted words that display their definition when you hover over them with the cursor." 
What can students learn beyond purely technical and scientific topics?
"There is a section of the website called Conversations With Scientists where students can go to read interviews with prominent and important scientists. They ask them questions about their field and current experiments, as well as questions like, “When did you begin to become interested in science?” and “What advice would you give to students who are interested in ______ science?” 
Can students learn about current events or breaking discoveries on Today's Science?
"Yes. The database also includes video news briefs that are short 2-3 minute videos about fun and intriguing experiments, discoveries, and topics. These are just a few of the many awesome features offered by Today’s Science. I think it is a resource that many students can benefit from. I can’t wait to use it myself!"
Try Today's Science Today!

Patrons can access Today's Science from the Library's website by clicking eLibrary > eResources > Science and the Environment > Today's Science. If your student needs help finding books, articles, or materials for a school project, please Ask a Librarian or stop by the Ask Us desk at your local FCPL branch.