Monday, May 8, 2017

River of Words Exhibit Wraps Up Tour at Cumming Library

The Cumming Library hosted the River of Words exhibit in April, featuring art and poetic works from students all across Georgia. The art installation was a big hit with our patrons who truly enjoyed seeing a project that celebrated our community and the arts.

Patrons were able to create their own poetic works at our “Blackout Poetry Station” by taking a recycled book page and blacking out words until a poem emerged from the remaining words. We had quite a few participants and they created very beautiful poems. Patrons also signed our guest book and left short comments such as: “Awesome!”, “Terrific idea: Art in the Community.”, and “Beautiful – So Much Talent!”

We also had three generations of a family visit in preparation for next year. Their daughter was a winner for her school and they hope to see her work on the big wall next year. The Cumming Library was the last stop on this year's tour before it returns to the Georgia Center for the Book to be refitted with the 2017 winners.

Jennifer Anderson
Information Specialist
Cumming Library