Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Library Limelight - Vikki Doerr, Youth Specialist, Post Road Library

Library Limelight is intended to be a quick read to help FCPL patrons get to know our librarians and staff. We hope you enjoy learning about the people who make our libraries great!

Vikki Doerr
Youth Specialist
Post Road Library

Where is your hometown?
I was born in a tiny town called West, Texas, but lived in Australia for most of my childhood until moving back to the states and settling in Georgia. 
How long have you been at FCPL?
Almost 4 years
What other jobs have you had at FCPL?
Information Specialist at the Sharon Forks branch
Why did you choose to work in a library?
I have always felt at home at the library. As a teen, it was my “happy place” and I spent my summers walking back and forth to the library lugging my giant backpack filled with books. After graduating college I found myself in jobs that did not bring me much joy, so when I saw a job posting for the library, I realized I needed to return to my “happy place.” Now, I am pursuing a Masters in Library and Information Science because I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else!
Describe your job in five words or less.
Helping kids/teens love reading! 
What is unique about your job?
It takes a lot of creativity and a learning mentality. Creating programs gives me the chance to exercise my own creativity and learn more about various subjects, so that I can effectively share it with the kids and help guide them on their own learning experiences. 
What is your favorite part of your job?
Building relationships with my wonderful co-workers and all the children, teens, and adults we serve. I love it when the kids come find me to tell me about the books they are reading, or when I can provide an avenue for teens to discover new passions and find their tribe. 
What’s the most interesting place you’ve lived or traveled?
I spent my childhood in Australia, but have also been fortunate to be able to visit New Zealand, Peru, Nova Scotia, and states around the U.S. 
What are your hobbies?
I love sewing costumes and apparel, reading, travelling, gardening, and playing tabletop and video games. 
What are you reading right now?
Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige
Paper books, eBooks, or audiobooks?
I will read a book in any format, but I prefer paper. 
Is there anything else you’d like to share?
Forsyth County has such a great community and I feel so fortunate that I get to serve so many awesome people and encourage literacy and a love of reading for so many children and teens.