Friday, February 19, 2016

Irish Step Dancer and Bagpiper to Perform at Sharon Forks Library

John Maschinot prepares to perform
with a set of uillean pipes.
 (Photo credit: The Celtic Company)
 The Irish (and the Irish-at-heart) will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day soon, so bring your family and get a head start at One World Forsyth Celebrates Ireland at the Sharon Forks Library on Saturday, March 5 at 11:00 a.m.

The program is free and all ages are welcome. No registration is required.

John Maschinot, founder of The Celtic Company based in Atlanta, is a master of the Irish flute and the uilleann pipes, also known as Irish bagpipes. Uilleann pipes offer a sweeter and quieter sound than Great Irish Warpipes or Great Highland Bagpipes, making them an ideal instrument for indoor performances.

Maschinot will demonstrate inflation of the bellows and how the pipes are played, and then he will accompany Irish step dancer and singer Olivia Bradley on several songs. Bradley is an award-winning dancer and will sing in both English and Irish Gaelic.

Irish step dancer and singer Olivia
Bradley will perform songs in English
and Irish Gaelic.
(Photo credit: The Celtic Company)
“Mr. Maschinot and Ms. Bradley are exceptional performers of traditional Irish music and dance. Patrons that come to watch their performance will leave with a better understanding and appreciation of Ireland’s rich historical and cultural vibrancy,” says Laura Bradley, Program Manager.

Following the music and dance demonstrations, young participants are invited to participate in St. Patrick’s Day crafts and Irish-themed activities.

One World Forsyth Celebrates Ireland is sponsored by the FCPL Friends and Advocates (FCPLFA).

Library card holders and members of the general public are welcome to shop at the FCPLFA Bookstores at the Cumming, Post Road, and Sharon Forks Libraries or to support the organization by becoming a member or a Bookstore volunteer.

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