Monday, October 3, 2016

New eLearning Programs Launch Today

It happens all the time to busy adults: we want to learn a new skill, tackle a DIY project, or take a music lesson, but we can’t find the time to squeeze a class or a workshop into our schedules.

The Forsyth County Public Library is pleased to announce partnerships with several online learning service providers and the unveiling of a new eLearning gateway for patrons to use both inside the library and at home to learn at a time of their choosing and at their own pace.

The library’s eLearning services can be accessed on the library’s website. Clicking the eLearning button in the eLibrary section of the home page will give users a range of independent learning resources, test preparation, video tutorials, and how-to resources.

ArtistWorks, part of the Library’s new eLearning services,
allows patrons to learn art and music at their own
pace, on their own time, and without costly tuition.
For example, ArtistWorks allows patrons to study the fine arts with free, self-paced video lessons in music, voice, and visual arts.

ArtistWorks offers 24 instrumental, voice, and fine-arts classes, from basic courses to intermediate instruction to advanced lessons. Because ArtistWorks is browser-enabled for both desktop and mobile devices, library patrons can enjoy on-the-go learning without having to download an app.

ArtistWorks lessons are free to view and use as many times as needed. If the student wants to receive a critique of their technique from the instructor, ArtistWorks allows library patrons to record a video of themselves and pay a nominal fee to submit the video recording for feedback. Parents of young patrons may find ArtistWorks lessons a cost-effective way for a child to try a music or art class before investing in costly tuition for lessons from a local instructor.

Atomic Training and LearningExpress Library offer easy-to-follow tutorials on popular software from Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, and Google, as well as career assessments, job skill development, and test preparation for such standardized tests as the SAT, ACT, and college entrance exams.

Other eLearning services help lifelong learners study a variety of academic and hands-on topics. The Great Courses offers lectures on a range of topics, from history and culture to law and government, presented by some of the most renowned academics from universities around the world. Universal Class offers continuing education and how-to courses in over 30 subject areas such as entrepreneurship, homeschooling, and home and garden care.

Mango Languages offers patrons free language learning on both desktop and mobile devices through exercises, conversations, and films in over 60 languages. Mango can also be used by patrons that wish to learn English as a second language.

FCPL Academy is now available for patrons that may need a tutorial on how to use the services and programs available through the library. FCPL Academy offers short video tutorials on using services like Zinio digital magazines, OverDrive eBooks, and AtoZdatabases.

To access these new eLearning resources, please visit