Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Staff Picks - Get Crafty with eBooks!

Are you ready to get creative, but not sure where to start? Check out the various craft ideas in eBooks. The perfect project is waiting just for you!

Materially Crafted by Victoria Hudgins

Presents more than 30 projects, perfect for beginners and seasoned crafters alike. From spray paint and concrete to thread, wax, and paper— "(This) book focuses on materials and great ways to transform them into something special." —Design*Sponge.

Happy Stitch by Jodie Haffa Rackley

Step-by-step instructions to create charming felt and fabric projects. From plush animals to electronics cozies to curtains and pillows, you'll love making these bright and colorful crafty creations!

The Grandparents Handbook by Elizabeth Laban

Fun resources for great activities with children of all ages. Create a family newspaper, go on a scavenger hunt, make ice cream and homemade pickles or host your own Olympic games! These are just a few of the ideas presented in this unique book.

Hooked on Amigurumi by Melanie Monita

Beginners will learn the basics behind creating amigurumi crochet plush toys, while experts enjoy trying out new techniques and designs; making this an appealing collection for crafters of every skill level.

15-Minute Watercolor Masterpieces by Anna Koliadych

There’s always time to relax the mind and exercise your creativity with a 15-minute project! This book covers basic watercolor techniques, along with tips on how to create just the right shade when mixing.

Cast On, Bind Off by Leslie Anne Bestor

Discover the perfect beginning and ending for every knitting project! Detailed instructions for each technique are combined with step-by-step photography to help you create edges that are tighter, looser, stretchier, or lacier.

Monya Gailaf
Information Specialist