Thursday, November 2, 2023

Staff Picks: Wheel of Time Series by Robert Jordan


Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan

Do you love epics?

In a recent discussion, my son mentioned he had begun to read a series by Robert Jordan. My first thought was that Robert Jordan wrote some long books! But I began the series on audiobooks, and before I knew it, I was off to the world of Wheel of Time, using both eAudiobooks and traditional audiobooks on CD. As I cobbled together a blog to discuss this series, my son provided an intriguing and fun recap of his own:

Need a new high fantasy series? Have lots of time to kill? 

Wheel of Time: 4.4 million words to satisfy your fancy.

Watch the world grow with Wheel of Time! Start with Book One, The Eye of the World and meet a small band of heroes. Journey along to new cities and peoples as the full scale of this classic good and evil conflict becomes apparent. 

Trying to suss out a good sword and sorcery tale of the ages? 

Join Rand and his band for battles and glory...and a little magic too.

Thanks to Jeremy for a great book series recommendation and for writing this blog post!  

Wheel of Time has been adapted as a television series. The first of two seasons started in November of 2021, and a third season is currently being planned.

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