Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Staff Picks: Again and Again by Jonathan Evison


Again and Again by Jonathan Evison

Eugene “Geno” Miles recalls past lives in vivid detail and claims to be 106 years old. The caregivers at his eldercare facility remain skeptical of both accounts, but Geno doesn't mind being left alone. 

With a little persuading, curmudgeonly Geno warms to his new nursing assistant, Angel, and reveals captivating tales of his life as a pickpocket in Medieval Spain, pursued by guards and rescued by a mysterious woman he longs to meet again in his next lifetime. Geno also describes his fascinating experiences as Oscar Wilde’s housecat, traveling with the Lewis and Clark expedition, and being an Incan princess and a beloved history professor. 

History buffs will appreciate the vivid details in Geno’s descriptions of Spain during its occupation by the Moors, while cat lovers will enjoy Whiskers' observations of poet and playwright Oscar Wilde. 

Again and Again moves in multiple directions as Angel and Geno’s intergenerational friendship seeds emotional revelations that radiate far beyond patient and caregiver in this multi-layered and psychological novel.    
Alicia Cavitt
Information Specialist

The Giralda and Torre de Oro
Moorish Architecture in Seville, Spain

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