Thursday, April 4, 2024

Staff Picks for National Poetry Month

Happy National Poetry Month! To celebrate, we’re recommending one of our staff member’s favorite poetry books for adults, both modern and classic. 

Some Things I Still Can't Tell You: Poems by Misha Collins 

In his debut poetry book, actor, activist, and writer Misha Collins ruminates on daily observations and musings, filled with moments of reflection and a love letter to simple joys. This New York Times bestseller is full of wit and heart, conveying the subtle vulnerability of being human through a lens of simplicity.

The Collected Poems by Sylvia Plath

By the time Sylvia Plath passed in 1963, she had written nearly 300 poems to put into this collection. This book received a Pulitzer Prize, making her the first author to receive the honor after death. Readers follow her journey from an early poet to her eventual shift to a more experimental tone. Moving, raw, and honest, her words connect with your emotional core.

I Would Leave Me If I Could by Halsey

In her debut poetry book, singer Halsey writes about her various doomed relationships, experiences with fame, and the nuances of mental illness. Similar to the lyricism found in her songs, her poetry resonates with emotional depth and power, challenging established social structures and exploring the highs and lows of her bipolar disorder.

Despite her reclusive nature, Emily Dickinson’s poems reveal an independent and spirited woman who saw the world from a unique perspective. While she never published any poetry during her lifetime, her writing became legendary years after her passing. Her insightful views on life, nature, death, and a sense of self are relatable even over a century after her death.

Britt Poteet
Youth Specialist

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