Saturday, June 27, 2020

Reading Recommendations - Non Fiction Graphic Novels

Graphic novels aren't only about superheroes.  These non-fiction graphic novels from our adult collection offer first-hand accounts of historical and everyday events accompanied by powerful visual art. 

This autobiographical graphic novel offers a revealing look at culture, race, relationships, and parenting in the United States, including a first-hand account of living in New York during 9-11.   

March illustrates the story of Georgia Congressman and Civil Rights Leader, John Lewis, from attending a segregated school in Alabama to marching with Martin Luther King.  Read the entire March trilogy to learn more about Congressman Lewis' life.  

Text from Anne Frank’s diary alongside illustrations of the Secret Annex and its residents, vividly capture Anne’s aspirations and imagination. Illustrations help readers visualize the small apartment where the Frank family lived in hiding during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands and show Anne's adolescent struggles, her insight, and her unique humor.

The pencil drawings in this graphic novel chronicle the 1997 kidnapping of Christophe Andre, who was abducted while working for Doctors Without Borders and held in captivity for four months in Chechnya. Guy Delisle's thoughtful illustrations provide a captivating first-hand account of the ordeal. 

A young Filipino-Egyptian shares her struggles to balance cultural traditions with fitting into her life in California in this illustrated coming-of-age story.   

First published in 1986, MAUS's retelling of WWII events depicts Germans, Jews and Poles as cats, mice, and pigs. The story documents the experiences of Spiegelman's parents during the Holocaust and his relationship with his father.  

Alicia Cavitt
Information Specialist